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OFFICE CLEANING From Bald Hills to Sandgate

We can schedule our cleaning team to come into your office space to conduct scheduled daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly cleans. We create a healthy and clean environment for your staff by eliminating the germs and allergens of your workplace. Provide your employees with an energising and refreshing place to work in.

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Vinyl Floor Stripping & Sealing Deagon | Brisbane

If you always want your premises looking its absolute best, then it’s important to keep your vinyl floors clean and shiny at all times.

Vinyl flooring is made of several materials including true vinyl and linoleum, all of which are smooth and can be polished to an almost mirror like finish when cleaned and polished correctly by a professional cleaner. Vinyl floors look great in both home and office;however, they do require some maintenance to keep the surface protected and in top shape is why it is always essential to trust such treatment to industry professionals.

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Medical Centre Cleaning From Shorncliffe to Deagon

In the highly controlled environment of a medical facility, the quality of the commercial cleaning services provided on premises have a direct impact of patients and staff alike, and this is why you should choose Neat Cleaning to clean your medical facility as we pride ourselves on our professionalism.

We understand that the health of your patients is paramount and that the cleaning of any medical environment is a specialised service which requires extra attention than other commercial cleaning work. That is why it is always important to trust the professionals in the industry.

At Neat Cleaning, apart from Office Cleaning, Vinyl Floor Stripping & Sealing, Window Cleaning services, we also provide medical cleaning services with a broad range of options that guarantee a hygienic, germ free and pristine environment. We use the industry approved products to ensure the highest standards of cleanliness and sanitation, making sure that bacteria cannot thrive. We understand that your hours may be long and varied, and we will work with you to deliver cleaning services with minimal disruption to your business –

  • We can tailor a cleaning schedule to suit your cleaning requirements
  • A clean well-presented environment will help staff to be more productive
  • We use high quality, industry approved products for our medical facilities
Medical Centre Cleaning Brisbane, Office Cleaning Sandgate, Stripping & Sealing Brighton, Vinyl Floor Sealing Bald Hills, Cleaning Services Shorncliffe, Commercial Cleaning Deagon

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Window Cleaning Brighton | Brisbane

At Neat Cleaning we are passionate about making your home and office windows sparkle. We offer a convenient friendly service at affordable rates. Our professional staff will clean your screens, tracks, windows inside and out to remove all dirt, grime, mould and fingerprints.

Office Cleaning Boondall, Medical Centre Cleaning Brisbane, Cleaning Services Brighton, Stripping & Sealing Sandgate, Vinyl Floor Sealing Bald Hills, Commercial Cleaning Shorncliffe

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